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Creating Estimates quickbooks

When you are venturing into a business especially for the first time, we are actually focusing our attention on how much our business would cost. From the paper clips to the people who will be working for us, everything needs to be taken into account, to see how much the business is going to rip our pockets. Most […]

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Creating Sales Receipts for Cash Sales

When a buyer requests for an order from a supplier, Purchase Orders were sent indicating the information on the items being ordered. This will include the type of item, how many items and price agreed upon by both parties. Once an order was made by a vendor it is a legal binding contract between the buyer and […]

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Customizing Invoices and Forms – Quickbooks

Creating your own Invoice and Forms for your company would make your business look serious and professional. It personalizes your relationship to your customers and sellers. In order to attain this, you can create an invoice with your own personalized preference that truly signifies what your company really is. You can look for professionals who can help you […]

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discounts quickbooks

In layman’s term a Discount is an allowance or concession in price. For business owners’ point of view, discounts are vital decisions to induce customers and vendors to place an order and make payments on time. A certain business owner would place a discounted price on his commodity with a note saying that the payment for such a […]

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Editing Company Information

When a business grows, like from a sole proprietorship to a corporation for instance, chances are your business status changes, as well. Information that are based on the previous company needs to be changed as well. In doing so, you may go to the Company Menu and click on My Company and information previously entered to by the […]

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taking care of refunds Quickbooks

A refund is cash received due to an over-payment for goods or services or because a good was returned by a customer. There are various reasons why we give refunds, this may include over payment, order cancellations and bad debt write-off. You just have to be very careful in entering these things correctly on your system in order […]

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