1099 E-File: QuickBooks Desktop setup, troubleshooting, & FAQs

With a few easy steps, you can e-file your 1099-MISC form(s) instead of filing manually. After going through the QuickBooks Desktop 1099 Wizard, QuickBooks Desktop will connect to the Tax1099 service and import your data.

This article covers the 1099 e-file process for QuickBooks Desktop.

Important: Be sure to e-file before January 30, 2020 at 11:00 AM PT so your 1099s can be postmarked to your contractors by January 31, 2020. 1099s can be e-filed through January 31, 2020 to be on time with IRS.

NOTE: QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2020 can e-file.  Previous versions of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac do not support e-filing of 1099s. You can print 1099s and 1096s by paper.


For pricing information on e-filing or printing 1099 forms, refer to:

  • E-filing 1099 forms with Tax1099: Pricing starts at $2.90 per form. For more information, see the Tax1099 Pricing structure and calculator
  • Printing 1099 formsQuickBooks Desktop 1099 forms and envelopes


These are the tasks you need to complete to start using the Tax1099 E-File Service. These steps need to be taken by new users:

User-added image

Step 1 of 4: Complete the QuickBooks Desktop 1099 Wizard.

For detailed steps, refer to QuickBooks 1099 Wizard.

To set up or add contractors/vendors in QuickBooks Desktop, refer to Set up a 1099 Independent Contractor/Vendor and print 1099/1096 forms.

Step 2 of 4: Create a Tax1099 account

  1. On the Tax1099 landing page, select Log in or Sign Up to start with Tax1099.
  2. Enter the necessary information for sign up.
  3. Click the Captcha checkbox. Once the set of images appears, select the ones that are relevant then click Verify.
  4. Click Register or Let’s Go! This directs you to the Tax1099 Dashboard.

Step 3 of 4: Import your QuickBooks 1099 Data.

Important: Depending on your computer and network setup, there are different options to import your data into Tax1099. Select Import > QuickBooks Desktop and follow the on-screen wizard to determine which one of the following methods you need in order to upload your data.

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