Common QuickBooks PDF Issues and their Solutions

QuickBooks and PDFs have very important relation with each other but they could also produce some issues for you, as it is quite obvious that you send invoices and keep bills in PDF format because it is the only document file format used widely throughout the world and it is also obvious the invoices and bills that you need in PDF format are in your QuickBooks so it is important that your QuickBooks and PDF don’t have any issues with each other and they should work as Jim and Jym but they may cause issues and you have to face them and you have to remove the difference between them, there is a fine possibility that the issues are coming because of the way QuickBooks treats PDFs because QuickBooks uses very unusual method for PDFs and that is the only reason for this but there are lot of variables are also involved in this matter which are worth mentioning here so you can understand which causes what.

Variables which are causes of this:

The very first variable to discuss the version of your QuickBooks if you are not updated to latest version of QuickBooks than this is your cause, after the version which release or revision of the year you have if you have the latest version of QuickBooks but not the latest release of the year than this could also be the cause of it, after these two most likely reason is the type of operating system if you 64 bit than it is more likely that you will face this problem than 32 bit type of operating system.

Besides this, this article is helpful for the errors and problems like these.

  • Problem is associated with connecting to your currently selected printer, Microsoft XPS Document writer on XPS port.
  • Error: QuickBooks can’t complete the current action due to a missing component: Missing PDF file component.”
  • PDF Converter is offline.
  • You cannot print directly from the QuickBooks.
  • Unable to save the document as .pdf file.
  • Drivers for 32-bit Applications of printer have Stopped Working.

QuickBooks PDF and Print Repair Tool

By following the below give link, you will find official tool which is exclusively made for PDF issues that a QuickBooks User faces normally the issues occurs when you save some form ( a report, invoice or a bill) from QuickBooks in PDF format so QuickBooks converts that particular form into PDF format from which it already exist in inside the QuickBooks.

QuickBooks PDF and Print Repair Tool

The tool is free for all and can be easily downloaded and used to solve the problem one thing which you must follow before applying this tool is that your QuickBooks must be updated.

Update to Latest release:

As technology of the world today is updating every day and new features are added to the software like QuickBooks on daily basis with new features old features are also updated periodically again and again this will be the prime reason of a lot of errors that you face in QuickBooks so please make sure that your QuickBooks is updated to latest version and latest release of the year so that any function which is updated in your OS ( Windows or Mac) it is also updated In QuickBooks as well because there are a lot of back end applications of OS that directly interacts with QuickBooks and as they get updated with OS QuickBooks also needs to be updated.

After above mentioned solutions if you still face any error regarding working of PDF in QuickBooks try below given ideas because there are also other possibilities.

Test for Printer Issues OR XPS Document Writer

One possibility of the all is that your XPS document writer is not running or not running correctly to see what is the reason follows these:

  1. Open Notepad.
  2. Type any text.
  3. Click on File and then Print.
  4. Select XPS Document Writer, and click Print.
  5. In the save as window, select Desktop from the left.
  6. Go to your desktop, and see if you can view the XPS document which you printed from notepad.

Besides the XPS writer try to print things straight from your QuickBooks and see if there is a problem, however printing and saving a PDF maybe two parallel things but it can explain something to your support advisor that you also cannot print things from within the QuickBooks.

QuickBooks, PDFs and Two Drivers:

As I mentioned before that QuickBooks do not use a simple approach for the printing function of pdf so there is a need to talk about two print drivers which QuickBooks uses this subject may contains some tricky part but it will be helpful for those who are techs of this field and can resolve problems by their own but for the other I must suggest them to use our support which will be very helpful for them.

Before 2011 QuickBooks uses Amyuni driver which is a third party API for the printing PDF conversion and printing need after 2011 QuickBooks introduced a new driver called “ABS PDF driver” this driver is only used by one component of QuickBooks desktop which is “Business Plan Tool” so actually ABS Driver is also the Amyuni driver with a different name.

  1. Up to 2011 you need to find the solutions by tricking with Amyuni driver
  2. After 2011 you need to trick with Windows XPS printer driver to get over with this problem.

It is highly recommended that you keep your QuickBooks up to date and with the latest version and even with the release of the year as the windows get updated QuickBooks also needs to be updated if you want to use the QuickBooks in full capacity because there are a lot of applications and processes of Windows that directly interacts with the functioning of QuickBooks so if they are (windows components) are updated and new QuickBooks also needs to be updated.

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