How to create and send Customer Statements in QuickBooks

You would want to send statements to your customers in order to remind them of a payment that is over due or mainly to list statement charges the your customer owes you. Before sending a statement to your customers, Quickbooks will prompt you to create a statement first that you may be able to send.

You may do this by going to Customers menu and clicking create statements. Choose A/R account for the statements that you want to print. Verify the statement date then choose to create statements for transactions within that particular date period. The dates determine which transactions appear on the statements.

This is displayed on the top of the printed statement. Take note that if you change the date on the Billed Date field, you are also changing the due date on the statement charges. Choose the template you will use for the statement, then, click Preview. Then, click Print or E-mail basing on how you want to send the statements to your customers. If you have customers with less than a specific amount or doesn’t have any account activity or with a zero balance, you may choose not to include those customers in sending the statements.

If you have customers with pending payments or late payments and you want to charge them, click on the Finance charges to add the finance charges on the statements.

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