Creating Purchase Orders for Vendors

Every time a store owner or a business makes a sale, whether it be cash or other forms of payments, it is customary to have a form of documentation as a sales receipt to serve as a proof of purchase. It is very important for your business records and customer relation. It should contain the date and time a purchase was made, items purchased, amount of purchase price and totals, the name and location of store where the purchases were made, and other important information that pertains to the product sold and the method of payment used. This sales receipt, can also be used to return the product sold or for exchanges.

In Quickbooks, you can start by clicking “Customer” then choose “Enter Sales Receipt”. After this, you can choose from the Customer Job, drop down list who want to make a sales receipt to.

You can classify the sales receipt thru the Class option. You can also change the date here. On the “Payment Method” option list you can choose how the payment was made. Your choices could be in cash, check or credit card depending what the customer used. If the customer paid using a check you may input the check number on the “Check Number” field. Also, items bought by the customer could be inputted on the “Item” column, indicating the quantity and rate. If important or special notification needed to be inputted for a particular order by a customer, select a message in the “Customer Message” box. If you want to see how your receipt would look like on a printed sheet, you can do so by clicking “Print Preview”. If you want it printed you can click the “Print” button or you may Save and Close and have the receipt printed at a later date.

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