Entering Statement Charges in Quickbooks – 1800-660-6361

Statement charges are best used by companies who like accumulating charges before demanding a payment from their customers or if they are assessing a regular monthly charge to their regular customers. It is also useful if the company or business owner is not providing their customers with an invoice but instead a regular monthly statement of their transaction.

You may go to the Homepage and click on the Statement Charges icon. Go to Customer and from there, place your cursor to the next available row and enter the data required, like the date, the items, and the quantity. The selected customer’s Account Receivables register displays. Once here, leave the Number field blank, the Item field should be typed in Repairs. Type in the quantity or number on the Quantity field. After that, proceed to type Remodel on the Class field. Click Record to save the Charge on the customer register.

This process is done for only one customer, yet recording statement charges to a lot of customers one by one is very time consuming. Quickbooks suggests that if this charge is recurring for a number of customers, you may consider adding them to a Memorized Transaction Group. The procedure will be available for use in Quickbooks.You may repeat the steps if any additional statement charges need to be entered.

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