Entering Vendor Bills in Quickbooks

Once you receive a bill, the first thing for you to do is to record it on Quickbooks. Entering this bill you have to be in the Enter Bills window or the Account Payable window. But here, we will be using the Enter Bills window.

If you are entering a bill for a vendor for the first time, you may follow the these steps to enter a bill. You first must choose Vendors then click enter bills. Through there, a drop down list will give you a name of the vendor to choose from. Fill out pertinent information such as the Date, Amount due, and bill due on the fields provided to describe the invoice date, the invoice due date and the invoice amount. There will be a drop-down list to fill out the payment terms and to put in the vendor’s reference number but this is optional. Then, go to the expense tab on the enter bills window and fill out the expenses the bill represents. Use the items tab of the enter bills window for any items the vendor bills you.

If information are already available and If you are paying this bill to a vendor who is already on the Vendor List, click the arrow at the end of the Vendor line and choose the Vendor. Select the payment terms, when the payment is due, add the vendor’s reference number, memo the bill on the memo box. Tab over to the amount column, change the numbers. Use the Items tab to record the various items that the bill represent. Move to the Item column and enter a name for the item. Fill in the rest of the rows of items on the Items tab. Click on the save button to record the changes you’ve made on the bill.

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