Error Code 176109 Invalid Product Number

How to Fix the Invalid Product Number Error in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is by far the most popular software based accounting and bookkeeping solution in the industry. It is user friendly without sacrificing the powerful features that accounting professionals love so much. QuickBooks was the software tool that first made accounting and financial management tasks easy to manage for individuals at home. And even today, for small to medium businesses, QuickBooks remains the best software tool available.


The widespread popularity of QuickBooks software means that common issues and errors get wide attention. One of the most common software errors QuickBooks users face is the “Invalid Product Numbererror, often along with an error code “176109”. So what is this error and why does this occur?

This error and the accompanying code means that some key authentication files have either gotten corrupted or are missing, leading QuickBooks to throw up that error. Additionally, because of the way QuickBooks works, it also requires administrator level permissions to read and write data to hard drives and system partitions without any restrictions. If these permissions are not available to QuickBooks, the result may be QuickBooks error code 176109.


An invalid or incorrect product key or product code has been used to install that particular copy of QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop.
The contents of the “Point of Sale Entitlement” folder have been corrupted or is missing certain key files
The user account operating QuickBooks does not have Administrator level access or the requisite read and write permissions on Windows.


There are two possible solutions to fix this error. Some of this require additional permissions, so if you are not sure of what you are doing, contact your system administrator for guidance. Incorrect manipulation of product installation files can render your QuickBooks installation unusable. Proceed with caution.

Method 1: Clear the contents of the “Point of Sale Entitlement” folder

Open Windows Explorer and go to the following folder as per the following path:
C:\Program Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8
Ensure that you are not actually running QuickBooks software in the background. Exit all open applications.
Select all the content, files as well as subfolders, in the folder and press Delete. Confirm your action if prompted by Windows.
You are all done. Relaunch the QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop software and re-enter your credentials to register the application again. Make sure you have a working internet connection.
If error persists, move to Method 2.
Method 2: Change the name of the WSActivity file

Open Windows Explorer and go to the following folder as per the following path:
C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX\Ini
Ensure that you are not running QuickBooks software in the background. Exit all open applications.
Select the WSActivity folder and press F2 button or Right click on it and select Rename.
Rename the folder to OldWSActivity and press Enter.
Now perform the steps outlined in Method 1 again.
Your error should now be fixed. If you continue to get the “INVALID PRODUCT CODE” error, you can try to reinstall QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop or contact QuickBooks Technical Support.

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