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In 2018, Intuit announced the official sunsetting of their QuickBooks Desktop 2016 software. As of June 1, 2019 Intuit also discontinued critical security updates to their software. If you haven’t yet, now is the to switch to the newer cloud-based version of QuickBooks Online.

Since June 1st, Intuit discontinued services including Online Banking, Desktop Payroll Services, Live Support, Online Backup, and other services through QuickBooks Desktop 2016. This applied to both PC and Mac versions of the software.

This means users can no longer access these features of their desktop software, and you’ll no longer receive any new, critical security updates. This will leave your version of QuickBooks vulnerable to data breaches.

You will need to switch to a newer version of QuickBooks like QuickBooks Online, instead of QuickBooks Desktop. Because of the discontinuation, you’ll be unable to access support to troubleshoot issues on the QuickBooks Desktop 2016 software. Your data will still transfer over to the new software once you convert it to work with your new version of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Online, unlike the Desktop software, doesn’t need to be installed. It’s a completely online platform, so you can access it from a browser. This makes it easier to access your business’ data. QuickBooks Online also integrates with other platforms and apps to give you more robust functionality for your business.

Fattmerchant’s Omni platform integrates with QuickBooks Online to sync customers, invoices, debit or credit card payments, and more between the two platforms. This totally eliminates the need to manually reconcile your payments and QuickBooks bookkeeping.

The bottom line with this sunsetting is that Intuit will no longer support QuickBooks Desktop 2016 software. You’ll need to upgrade to a new version of software if you want to manage your bookkeeping. Once you’ve switched to the newer software, you’ll have access to more features with better, current security measures.

There are a number of reasons that switching to QuickBooks Online will make your life easier. Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Access your business anytime: With QuickBooks Online, you can check on your customers, invoices, and more from any smartphone device. This is great for business owners on the go or with multiple business locations.
  • Upload receipts from your phone: Say goodbye to clunky and difficult scanners. Take photos of receipts on your phone and quickly upload to your QuickBooks account.
  • Faster reconciliation: Quickbooks credit card processing features tightly integrate with QuickBooks Online to eliminate manual data entry.

While it may seem easier to use their Quickbooks credit card processing features to process payments online, at it’s core this is simply just that – an add-on feature. As a result, this means there are limits in what credit card processing functions you do and do not have access to.

Not only does your business needs a fully integrated payment processing experience that gives you the flexibility you need to accept payments, you also deserve transparent pricing. Through Omni by Fattmerchant, not only will you have access to best-in-class, 24/7 customer support and in-depth data analytics reporting, our bi-directional Quickbooks Online sync allows you to automatically reconcile your accounts. All while taking advantage of Fattmerchant’s innovative subscription pricing with no hidden fees, extra markups, no contracts and, best of all, direct cost of interchange.

Desktop Enterprise

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is software designed to help you manage your accounting and business needs efficiently and with ease. It comes with the functionality to handle accounting, payroll, payments, inventory, and more. It also has a familiar QuickBooks look-and-feel. Whether you’re new to business management software or already a QuickBooks customers, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise makes it easy to run your business from end to end.

Yes. It has all the features you love in Pro and Premier — and more. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise packs more than twice the functionality and flexibility of Pro and Premier:*

  • More customizable reporting tools, including Advanced Reporting,* our most powerful reporting tool yet
  • A whole new level of user controls
  • The capability to track hundreds of thousands of inventory items, customers and vendors,* more than 6X the capacity* of other QuickBooks products. Consolidated reporting from multiple locations or company files*
  • Sophisticated inventory and pricing capabilities.
  • Powerful accounting management tools, like batch delete, entry, reclassify, and period copy reporting capabilities
  • Access to our members-only Customer Resource Center site
  • Unlimited free US-based customer support and training
  • Membership in the QuickBooks Priority Circle,* which includes unlimited assistance from a dedicated account manager, on-demand, online QuickBooks training valued at $3,000, and access to premium care for 24/7 top-tier technical support
  • And much more…
With QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting,* your software and data are stored securely on remote servers, not on your office computers. That means you have the extra flexibility of accessing QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise anytime, anywhere, and on any device, including Mac.* Everyone in your organization, plus any authorized partners like your accountant, can work with the same data at the same time, no matter where they’re located.
QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting also comes with all the functionality of our QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise software, as well as its look and feel, so there’s nothing new to learn.
To find out more about QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting,
One of the best things about QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is that it looks and works very much like our other QuickBooks software, so if you’re already a QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier customer, your staff will feel comfortable with Enterprise right from the start. There’s no steep learning curve, which means your employees can get up to speed quickly. Plus, we provide in-depth training to help you and your staff quickly master the new features.
New to QuickBooks altogether? No problem. We offer free online training to help get you and your staff up and running quickly.
All of our QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise subscriptions and our QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting subscriptions include U.S.-based customer support,* product upgrades,* online backup,* data recovery,* access to Customer Resource Center, our member website and training tools.*

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is the Ideal fit for Many Companies. Perhaps you are now using QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier, and you want more flexibility for more done, more quickly. Or you want more capacity to incorporate customer, product, or vendor information. If you’re looking to take care of pricing better, possess employees in specialized functions and purposes, possess inventory as a core component of your business, or even have multiple locations that need to be tracked and handled, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise would work great for you. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise also makes an ideal choice if you are seeking a substitute for the bookkeeping and business management services that cost tens and thousands of dollars.

QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond features powerful tools that will assist you to manage your enterprise, for example convenience of 40 users. With TSheets e-lite * time can be entered by your own employees from anywhere and you will always know where work stand. Assisted Payroll* permits you to issue a pay check in three minutes or not. * We take good care of payroll tax obligations and filing foryou — accurate and guaranteed in time. The CRM jack * joins sales force and QuickBooks to automate every one of one’s work flows, reduce data entry that is dual, and also receive sales and support working to serve clients. Their rates are disregarded for savings Whenever you purchase these with QuickBooks Diamond. Along along together with your membership from Priority Circle,” you will receive the help of your separate accounts team like on the web QuickBooks training valued at $ 3,000 to take advantage of QuickBooks, also get care for support. Charges apply for Assisted Payroll and TSheets E-lite. The CRM connector that is discretionary can be another monthly subscription fee.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is available in 1-10 user, and up-to-40 user licenses. 

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Yes, Our Technical Support is Available for Your 2*47. Just give us a [email protected]

Yes It just like upgrading from QuickBooks Desktop Pro to Premier

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If you’re using other financial software, then you are able to import information to QuickBooks provided that computer program allows one to export to a text or spreadsheet document. You can import lists which correspond to trades, budgets, along with QuickBooks lists. To Find out More  [email protected]

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To maximize multiple user growth, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise multi user manner is optimized for Microsoft® Windows 2008 Server and also after Client server networks. You now have the choice of hosting your own database server. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is Remote Desktop Services compliant. You supply access for distant places and are able to locate QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise on a single server. Because of this, that you never need to put in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise on each person’s PC and also you may maximize performance over lower bandwidth connections. In addition, you have the Choice to buy QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise together with Hosting,Conclusion powered by Right Networks.

Yes  QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise  created  to help accountants support for our customers using QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. 

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QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is available in these specific editions:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing / Wholesale
  • Field Services
  • Nonprofit
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Accounting Professional

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QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. 

Return it to Intuit within 60 days along with a dated receipt for a refund on your purchase price.