Filtering a Report Quickbooks

Filtering simply means modifying, making the data refined for a user or set of users. It is used to amend reports, query reports or other kinds of information results, minimizing repetitive, irrelevant or even sensitive items on your report.

In Quickbooks, restricting the data that appears on your report is its main objective. It enables you to get to the exact data you need without getting into the non significant items making it a lot easier for you to find what you are looking for. If you know just one or two bits of information, you can use those to filter and it will direct you to the page you are looking for.

To filter a report, you may click on the Customize Report button on Quickbooks and choose the Filters tab. A current filter box will appear on the right side of your screen where in you can change or delete data if you want to. Adding a new filter can done on the box located at the left side of the screen. Common filters used are date, name, account, transaction type, class, job and paid status among others.

If in any case you want to go back to the reports default filter, you can just click on the Revert button. Click OK to apply your filter to the reports and refresh your screen.

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