Filtering Lists – Quickbooks

Filtering is used to limit the items displayed on your system. You may choose which to filter and how to apply the filter. Quickbooks offers a simple way on how to filter your list. You should learn how to Add/Edit Multiple list as well.

You may start by going to the menu bar and select File. Open a file and from the menu bar again, select Lists, Add/Edit Multiple List Entries. A customer list should appear, click on the customize columns button, you may then select Terms and click Add. The terms data field is now added to the Chosen Columns panel. Click on the Move up or down button from Terms in order for you to enter the data to its right location.

You are going to find this advantageous if you are copying data from an Excel Worksheet. For instance, you are removing a middle initial from your customer list, you move your cursor to the M.I.(middle initial) field and then click Remove. Click OK to close the customize columns dialog box.

If you are adding, modifying or editing one of the supported lists, you may go to the Find box or view from the drop down list to filter the list results. Click Save Changes. Here, Quickbooks will indicate the number of customer record(s) that have been modified and saved, click OK.

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