How to fix OLSU-1024 and OLSU-1022 Error in QuickBooks

Some users experience OLSU error when they try to set up their banking details to create an online bank account in QuickBooks Desktop. The error usually begins like this:

“An error occurred while updating the branding files! Please restart the Online Banking Setup Wizard to initiate the update process again.” This is followed by OSLU – 1024 or OSLU – 1022 error. Many users find themselves stuck in this situation without information on how to proceed from here. Let us find the reason for this error and the ways in which we can solve it.

OLSU 1024 error

What causes OLSU error?

The Financial Institution Directory (FIDIR) does not have your bank information or there is a chance that the details are not stored in the right location. This is why you end up with this error and the best way to resolving the problem is by ensuring that your QuickBooks is using the latest version.

Solution 1: Update QuickBooks

  • Make sure you have the latest version of QuickBooks by going to Update to the Latest Release webpage.
  • Your product should be selected automatically. If this does not happen then click on Change and choose the QuickBooks product that you are using.
  • You can then choose any of the two options to update your QuickBooks to the latest version.
  • You can either click on the Update button and download the update file
  • Or you can click on the Setup Automatic Updates button so that you can setup your QuickBooks to automatically download the updates that are released.

Solution 2: Repair QuickBooks

By repairing QuickBooks, you will solve any errors that arose from any corrupt files in QuickBooks.

  • Click on Windows and E key together on your keyboard.
  • Click on Uninstall or Change a program
  • Select QuickBooks and click on Uninstall or Change.
  • You will find a new window come up with QuickBooks installation
  • Click on Next and Choose the Repair option to repair the files
  • Now click on Next and then click on Repair and then Finish

The process of repairing QuickBooks is over. Try to launch QuickBooks and set up your banking details once again to check if the error persists.

Solution 3: Edit the fidir.txt preferences

A third solution to fix the problem is by editing the preferences for fidir.txt.

  • Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 20XX\Components\OLB\branding\filist
  • Look for the fidir.txt file
  • Right click on the file and go to Properties
  • Check the box that says read only and apply the changes.

Once the changes are made, try to set up your online bank account once again to solve the problem.

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