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Some QuickBooks Errors can be easy to fix but some may look like they spell disaster. The Unrecoverable Error may make your feel uncomfortable when it popups up if you try to open QuickBooks. It will show an error code which is made of 10 digits. The message that you may notice along with the error code is “QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close.” If you were just about to begin some important accounting on your program, this error can be very annoying. So let us look at a few solutions to help you resume your use of QuickBooks all over again.

Reason: The error usually occurs when you close QuickBooks at a time when a number of Windows within the application is still open.

Solution 1: Avoid opening all Windows at the time of start up

  • Start the application by double-clicking on the QuickBooks icon and at the same time, keep the Alt key pressed on your keyboard.
  • You will be prompted to enter the user password.
  • Release the Alt key and enter the password and click OK.
  • Once the file begins to open, press the Alt key once again on the keyboard.
  • After the file has completely opened, release the Alt key.

Remember to visit the “My Preferencessettings and either choose the settings to save the desktop or to close all the windows in the app before you logout.

Solution 2: Try to open a sample file

If you are unable to get any success with the first solution or if the file does not open when you enter the password, then try to open a sample file to resolve the problem.

  • Make sure that QuickBooks is closed
  • Double-click on the QuickBooks icon to open it and immediately press the Ctrl key on the keyboard
  • Continue to hold down the Ctrl key till you see a screen that say “No Company Open
  • If you can successfully get to this screen, then click on open sample file
  • You can select any of the sample files from the list to proceed

Some of you may notice a message that asks you to restore or update the sample file. Click on OK to continue. If you happen to be able to open a sample file without errors, but the company file (QBW) does not open then there is a possibility that the company file is corrupted.

Solution 3: Access the QuickBooks file from the desktop

By using this method you will be able to solve problems which occur because of issues with the storage location.

  • Open the folder which contains the company file
  • Locate the QBW file format
  • Copy the file and paste it on the desktop
  • Now open the file from the desktop and make sure that you hold down the Ctrl key when opening the file so that you can be directed to the “No Company Open window”.
  • You can choose to open or restore an existing company and then go back to the desktop to open the company file that you had pasted on the desktop.

Use these solutions to help you solve the Unrecoverable error in QuickBooks.

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