Grouping Customers to Batch Invoices- Quickbooks

Batch Invoicing is a way of making a job simple where companies can set up groups of customers that cater to the same service, charged the same price, billed at the same frequency and have the very same invoice template.

What QuickBooks can do is to enter the data once, and then, the program will create an individual invoice for all companies found in “that” group, making time consuming effort easier. It is important to remember to put all pertinent information in the customer’s or job’s records, including Terms, Send Method, and Tax Status. Since it will be difficult to alter these information once batch invoicing process has been concluded.

To set up batch invoices for a group of customers, from the menu bar, choose Customers, then click on Batch Invoices. Make sure that the information on your customer records are set up properly to successfully use Batch Invoicing. Information such as Customer payment terms, sales tax rates and preferred send method are items defined for each customer that need to be fulfilled to use this feature.

Once this is satisfied, you may click OK, Click on the Billing Group and from the drop down menu, choose Add New. In the Group Name field, enter your desired group name and then Save. A search results box will appear and displays all active jobs, this is where you will choose the ones you want to put in a group, or you can choose Select All. Click Save Group, you can modify the list some other time.

Then, click on Next, this is where you will be asked to choose your template or if you may use your own. Then, click on Installation, in the Quantum column, type the quantity needed. Click Next, then click Create Invoices if you feel everything has already been properly placed, if not, click Cancel. If you choose Create Invoices, a dialog box will appear and you can print or email the newly created invoices.

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