Invoicing Customers – Quickbooks

Customer invoices are the sales receipts in Quickbooks. This process is done and completed only once. Eventually, after doing the template, you can add or edit the items on your list and select the customer from your customer list as well.

Providing invoices to your customer is a way to track down their payment, how much they owe you and the date of the service.

To create an invoice for a customer, click “Customers” on the menu and then select “Sales Receipt”. Click the “Customize” button and choose “Manage Templates” to add a particular template you want to use for a particular customer, if you have set him up for that. Then click on the template you have chosen to view the layout of the template, then, click “OK”.

Click “Copy” from the Manage Templates window and enter a new name on the Template Name text area. You can then, click on the “Customize” and choose “Customize Design and Layout”, choose Basic Customization on the Customize Data Layout portion. Open a logo from your computer by clicking on the image and opening it. Click “Update Information”, then OK. Choose whatever you want to change and then you can click OK to save your changes.

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