Importing Customers from Another Program – Quickbooks

Importing data is the process of retrieving data from sources external to your system. It refers to the ability of one application to format data for another application, which is in this case in Quickbooks. Our aim is to bring data saved from a different source like Excel to your financial software which is Quickbooks where it will be converted so that a new transaction shows up in the account register. This will save time in entering transactions.

To prepare a file for import smoothly you may want to open the file you want to import in excel or another spreadsheet editor using the following categories:- Prefix, Title, First Name, Last Name, Sales Person, Department, Account, Primary Address, Secondary Address, Home Phone, Fax, Mobile, Email, Work Phone. Then save the updated file as .csv

From the Tools menu, choose Address Book. Click the Minimize button, on the upper right corner of the Address book window, then from the File menu, choose Import, and then choose Addresses. Select Comma, then click Browse. Browse to the .csv file you have created and then click OK and then click Next. Double click the field under the Matching Import Fields and choose the matching file in the Contact Fields, once you see that all the fields have been populated, click OK.

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