Keeping Quickbooks Up To Date

Maintaining you Quickbooks requires updating it throughout each year on a regular basis. Updates are required not only on Quickbooks but in every software you are using. The purpose of this is to fix whatever minor lapses in the program. You can do the update on your program within the software itself that you are currently using. It is also free of charge.

To update only one computer, click Help on the menu bar in Quickbooks then select Update Quickbooks. Click on the options tab and see to it that each item under it are all marked. Then, click on the Update Now tab. Choose Get Updates next, wait for a few minutes. When this is complete, close Quickbooks and exit, then reopent it to initiate installation of the updates which you just downloaded. Wait for a few more minutes to finish installing the said updates.

If you are updating on a Multi User mode, or if you’re version of Quickbooks is being used by other users who are connected to your company file, these users has to do the update as well.

To set up shared downloads, you should share the folder containing your Quickbooks company file with all other users in the network. Map it so you will be sure that these users access the company file correctly. then open the company data file, and from the File Menu, choose Update Quickbooks, click the Options tab and from there choose yes for the shared download option. Then Save your download.

Quickbooks would know the latest update and prompts the other users to exit their existing program and install the latest update.

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