Memorizing Transactions – Quickbooks

If the transaction details on your account are the same each time — such as purchase orders, payments or the like, you can set up a memorized transaction with Quickbooks. This will record your transactions that need to be done on a regular basis with the same data to be entered.

By creating memorized transactions it will minimize the time of inputting the same data over and over and would avoid some duplicate entry as well. Memorized transactions reduce mistakes, increasing accuracy of your data input and keeps you in better hold of your cash in bank. Remember that memorizing must be done while the transaction activity window is open.

To do memorized transaction in Quickbooks, you must enter the transaction as you would like it memorized. Press control M or go to the edit menu and choose “Memorize”. Name the transaction, use the one that would best make you remember it. Options like, how often, next date to enter, number of remaining payments, etc should be completed.

Go back to the list menu and use the memorized transaction again. Or for a shortcut press Control T. With these, you have created a memorized transaction that is saved as a valid transaction.

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