Navigating and Customizing Report Data – Quickbooks

In order to customize your report data, you must first be able to launch and navigate through Quickbooks system. Once you have launched the system, click on the “Reports” menu and select a category to choose the report you want to customize.

Set the font you will use by right clicking on the font, set your style and size. Then click “OK” once you have already selected your desired font and then click “Yes” to apply this to all the report elements.

Click “Header and/Footer” tab. Here, you can make changes to the header or footer by entering your desired information on the text area. Then, from the Layout List, you can choose “Left”, “Right”,”Centered”, or “Standard”.

Click “Customize Report” and choose any of the available filters to verify the data available in your report. Customize the labels by adding texts to each field. Click “OK”. Under “Customize Report” still, choose the fonts and numbers tab to show all numbers section. Once done. click “OK”.

Click on the “Dates” menu for the date range of your report. Click OK. Click “Memorize” where in you can enter a name for your report, and then, click on “Save” on the “Memorized Report Group”. Click OK.

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