Navigating Inside Each Center – Quickbooks

In QuickBooks we are given the easiest way of understanding the complex accounting process in starting up a business. Each process was organized into centers, namely, Customer Center, Vendor CenterEmployee Center, Company Center and finally the Banking Center. Each of this centers we have already touched by creating different fields by which we can search for information effectively and easily.

Looking into these centers would facilitate your way of finding what you need if you are not sure about the proper term for it. If you think, it is involving your employees, you may browse thru the Employee Center and click on the appropriate field to do what you need.

Click on the Customers tab to see the listed links corresponding with their name attached to them. You may click on the Vendors tab and you will easily find a list of their status giving you the idea if you have paid them, not have paid them or if they have already been billed.

Through the Employees tab, you will be able to see the list of your active compensating workers with their contact information and you may be able to access their Payroll information as well here. You can also delete employees who has not been in your productive line anymore.In the Transactions tab, you can see your Banking Activity where you will find the income generated by your company, and your Expenses. Here is where you can access your Registers.

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