Opening and Closing an Existing Company File

If you open a company file and you are using a QuickBooks software you can readily open this or a different company file while you are working in QuickBooks. Assuming that the company file you wanted to access is closed, you will have to open it using your existing QuickBooks software by clicking Open or Restore an Existing Company button.

You may choose Open a Company file and then click Next. If you are prompted, enter your user name and password. Choose the company file, or browse to the folder containing the company file and click Open. You may double-click the company file in the Select a company that you have previously opened, and then click Open.

If in any case you have opened a company file incorrectly, you may open a different company file by choosing File, then click on Open Company. Choose the right company file from the folder and then click Open.

If you are already finish with your work, and you want to close your company file, you may simply select File, select Close Company from the menu bar. It is recommended to close all “open” files, before exiting any computer application.

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