Paying Employees With Quickbooks

Employees need to get their compensation on a regular basis. It is going to be part of one company’s competitive advantages. Some companies pay their employees more than they draw from their business, this way it will be hard for your business to sustain your business’ competitive edge without competitive packages. However, a strong pay package is more than just about pay, it’s the industry, product and your good relationship with your employees that can do a lot of attract and keep your staff.

In order to keep track of how to pay your employees competitively, you have to set up the Quickbooks payroll processing capabilities.

To do this, on your menu bar, choose Employees, click on Pay Employees, then Scheduled Payroll. This will show you the Employee Center window. Select the scheduled payroll you want to run on the list box at the top of Employee Center window. Click Start Scheduled Payroll button. Enter the check date you want to appear on payroll checks. Identify the date on which the payroll period ends in the Pay Period Ends box. At this point, you may identify the paying bank on the Bank Account drop down list, then, select the employees you want to pay, thru the Employee list, you may select or deselect them.

Click Continue, then click on Create Paychecks button, Print Paychecks and follow the remaining instructions on your screen. Check your information and once everything is correctly entered click OK. Print checks in the usual fashion. And you can then distribute the paychecks to your employees.

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