Paying Vendor Bills – QuickBooks

Paying Vendor Bills

Just like your employees, Vendors need to be paid as well to ensure continuous good working relationship. Making payments to Vendors will be a lot easier on QuickBooks.  The Pay Bills window provides a way of making a payment to a vendor and edit their payment details as well.

To do this on QuickBooks, you may open the “Vendors” menu and select the Pay Bills option, here you can review and change the details of the bill. Select the “Show All Bills” to display all of your bills, or you can click the “Set Discount” or “Set Credits” button to apply whatever credits due your vendor.

Check on the name of the vendor you want to pay and QuickBooks will automatically enters the amount you owed the vendor in the “Amount to Pay” portion, in this area you can make a partial payment by changing amount on the bill. Then, select the “Date” for the payment date on the bill.

You may select the “Direct Debit” from the “Methoddrop down box, clickAccount” to select the account you want to use to pay the vendor. Click “Pay Selected Bills” to save the vendor’s payment record, then click “Done”. After you have completed the payment record, you may review it through the “Accounts Payable Register.”

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