Print cheques – QuickBooks

For small businesses, QuickBooks software is an important tool to get by on their day to day accounting needs because of its ease of use features. Business owners can be able to easily keep track of their income, expenses and accounts with just one click of a button. It also enables user to print cheques from the software itself, may it be for a single cheques or multiple cheques , facilitating payment to vendorsemployees and other expenses.

In order to print checks on QuickBooks, you may choose “Write cheques from the Banking drop down menu, where in the system automatically selects all the cheques for printing, you may select only the ones you need to print. You may enter the check number in the first check number box if needed, then click “OK”.

From the “Print Forms” on the file menu, choose the check style.(Voucher, Standard or Wallet). Then, choose the bank account you will use for the payment. You may set up the printer name and printer type, whether it be single sheet or multiple sheets. Load the blank checks and from the QuickBooks Banking Menu, click on “Print”. Verify the information on the printed check, to ensure if properly printed.

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