QuickBooks Cannot Complete the Current Action Due to a Missing Component

When I will tell you QuickBooks components are the most important part of the QuickBooks you would say the other time you told that the Centers are the most important part of QuickBooks while I will tell you that these two have their own importance but there is a difference Centers are how the information will be organized inside QuickBooks like Employees Center is where you will keep Payroll information Sales Center is where you will keep customer and sales data but here we will talk about components in common language of windows components of a softwares are the little parts of it which make it a full meanwhile they could be a small applications or add ons which performs different functions inside QuickBooks or any other software.

However while we are talking about QuickBooks components I can say if you are sending PDF invoices to your customers or you export your Sales Reports in MS Excel from QuickBooks so you can use it to determine the sales targets than you are converting the data in QuickBooks into other formats which are PDF, Xlsx or any other than you are using a component of QuickBooks which is a part of QuickBooks and whose work is to convert the information into a file which can be in widely accepted formats which in case PDF and Xlsx.

Most of the clients are amazed while getting this type of error that the other functions of QuickBooks are working fine but while they are trying to open an invoice or bill in PDF or while they are going to export any data file in excel format they face this type of error actually this is because the application or feature I would say that allows you to open PDFs from QuickBooks is a components of QuickBooks which perform a specific function and not related to all of the QuickBooks functionality like the errors which directly effects QuickBooks company file or related to the security of your financial data like in TLS 1.2 warning we had seen that QuickBooks does not open at all in most cases and this because it is related to the security of your financial information most specifically related to your bank account information you put into your QuickBooks account. So it is advisable that you keep your QuickBooks up to date and this contains your company’s financial information and it is also advisable that you keep periodic backups as you do not want to lose data from a longer time span.

Moving on about components related errors a few year back due to the increasing complaints and errors regarding the components in QuickBooks, intuit have made a repair tool called QuickBooks component repair tool which is used to repair your QuickBooks components if they are not working well. One thing to keep in mind that the problem is related with a component which interacts with outside world from QuickBooks so basically it is cleared that there could be some problems in this relation Ah! What I mean to say is this error could be exclusively related with the dilemma that you updated your windows to a newer version but you are using your old QuickBooks this means some of the components needs to be updated in QuickBooks so they can interact with the outside world as it was doing before however if you want to update the QuickBooks you need to update it in full.

However I have talked much about giving you information regarding what this error is I would say that this is just a philosophy and it could be different than this, you might even not interested in this (Ah!) Okay, than now are moving to solutions part, However if you want to remove this error so you can download PDFs and export data from QuickBooks and you wanted it ASAP than you just have 3 options because there are not wide variety of solutions that you can apply for this.

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