QuickBooks Error 3371 : unable to initialize license Properties

When user open or try to activate QuickBooks that’s when this error occurs. Would not allow user to open or work on QuickBooks.


QuickBooks could not initialize license properties error code 3371: This could be caused by missing or damaged files.

QuickBooks unable to load licence properties error code 3371 ,status code -1 . QuickBooks couldn’t load the license data this may be caused by missing or damaged files.


QuickBooks Error 3371 error root cause:


This error code occurs in windows based computer if versions or operating system not updated or anti virus program creating issue with QuickBooks Files or not allowing those files to work. 


May be any of the component file inside QuickBooks is damage or not working 


QBREGISTRATION.DAT- This is one of the major component  files inside QuickBooks which contains licence information for QuickBooks. This file helps QuickBooks activation process each time user try to access QuickBooks application.If this file of the application is damage would not allow user to open QuickBooks. When user try to activate QuickBooks it wouldn’t be able to acquire QuickBooks licence information and error code would be 3371.

MSXML Component– This component help QuickBooks to communicate with QBregistration.dat file. Or we can also call it a bridge component.


Intuit always recommend most of the issue can be resolve by just updating QuickBooks before you perform any troubleshooting step please try to update QuickBooks.




Delete or recreate damaged entitlement data store.ecml file to resolve to licence registration related issues 


When user install QuickBooks it always asks for licence number and product key to complete and validate user Product information. If the files which contain this encrypted information or file which validate information unable to communicate with Intuit server or may be damaged that when user would unable to install or activate QuickBooks Product.In this scenario you may try to delete entitlement file, and the issue or error that can be resolved by deleting entitlement file is QuickBooks Error validation code is incorrect or the service is unavailable during activation. Or Code QuickBooks Error code 3371 not able to initialize license properties . User will also have hard time using online banking because QuickBooks Product is not register.


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