Quickbooks Error 80040408

How to Fix Quickbooks Error 80040408 – Solutions

Any third party application or Add-on (Which is compatible with QuickBooks )

Because QuickBooks uses QBXML SDK v13 this the toolkit or platform on which QuickBooks runs.

Now there are other software’s as well which runs on same SDK and addon like-

{ACCTivate}-> this add-on used with QuickBooks for inventories.

{CCRQBOM}->This is an another utility which people use with Quickbooks

for Manage multiple level bills management.

{Quickbooks Transaction pro Importer}->This gives more security to the data.


So these are the few Examples of the software’s and add-on.

So when any of program like this creates conflict with QuickBooks integration that’s

when this error comes. And the error could be different as well, But most likely that’s when this error comes.

Because as far as QuickBooks is concern QuickBooks is a very vast software and it has lots of error code, and on some of then even intuit goes blank.

Now the Question remains then how you can identify hats the origin of this error is,

And let me tell the best place to find that out for this location is windows log file.

Will give you entire description of the error and for this error

the log file will be qbsdklog.txt and the location could be different in different

OS-Windows 7-8-> C:\program data\intuit\Quickbooks

Windows-XP-VISTA-> C:\documents and settings\All users\Application data\intuit\QuickBooks


If you have installed latest update and that’s when you are getting this error than its permission error.

Permission Steps

Login Quickbooks>Edit>Preferences>Select integrated app preferences>Click on Company Preferences Tab>Locate QuickBooks compatible program. Click remove>Click Close.

And if you got a number of Company files then these steps needs to be repeated.

Solution 2-

This could Because of user Account control issue as well because the add-on which you use with QuickBooks they may not get complete authentication from the user.

Just once turn off user Account control and restart computer then turn it back on and this will work.

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