QuickBooks Error Code: 80070057

QuickBooks Error Code: 80070057

( Incorrect Parameters\Insufficient Permissions )


While trying to open your QuickBooks company file you can encounter this error message:- 

80070057 the parameter is incorrect


This means that you do not have sufficient permission to modify files in the specified folder.

In order to use QuickBooks in a multi-user environment, you must have sufficient permissions to modify files present in the company file folder. Not having sufficient permission can cause various errors.


Causes responsible for error-


  • You were trying to open QuickBooks company file directly by on it instead of the opening inside QuickBooks Desktop.


  • You were trying to open the company file on a redirected system but you were not connected with the internet.


  • The third-party firewall by not being configured for QuickBooks is blocking it.


  • Antivirus such as “BitDefender” is blocking uncommon ports during data traffic exchange happening between computers.


Important Note:- 


  • In case the file is being opened by any kind of portable device then you must copy those files on system hard drive and then use them.


  • In the case error was encountered while installing QuickBooks then you must download the installation file again.


You should only perform the recommended solution or contact QuickBooks Technical Support 

Now Let’s go through some easy solutions:-


Run as administrator


  • Close QuickBooks Desktop.


  • Apply right Click on program exe icon on Desktop.


  • Select Run As Administrator.


Opening company file after you have launched QuickBooks Desktop


QuickBooks Company file, unlike other programs, is designed to only be opened inside QuickBooks. If attempted to open directly using double click error shall occur.


  • Open Windows search.


  • Write QuickBooks and select the preferred version.


  • In case the comp of any file does not open automatically then select your company file and click on open.


Moving Company file to system hard drive


Company file should be moved to a folder located at Local Disk C:// if it is available on any portable device.


Updating QuickBooks To latest Release


Keeping QuickBooks Up to date with available updates is the best way to work error free.


Using QuickBooks File Doctor


By the use of QuickBooks File doctor, most of the common and little problems occurring in QuickBooks May get fixed.


Resolving The Error Manually


  1. Renaming “.nd” File.
  • You need to open the folder where your company file is stored.


  • Now in this folder, you must find the file that ends with the extension of .nd and has the name of your company file.


  • Apply right click on this file and then select rename option.


  • At the end of file name enter “.old” and click anywhere on the screen.


  1. Using QuickBooks Database server manager to scan your file again.
  • Press window+S key present at your keyboard. In the search bar enter QuickBooks Database Server Manager.


  • Click on add folder which will get you to browse folder window.


  • Now select the folder where your company file is being stored and press ok.


  • Click on scan.


  • After the scan is complete try to open company file again.


Configuring the Firewall Software


  • Intuit is not responsible for any damage or error occurred by any third party software or firewall. You must contact Quickbooks Technical Support to get a free consultation regarding your problem.


Configuring Settings of BitDefender


  • From the main menu of BitDefender select antivirus.


  • Click on Custom Levels and then on Exclude path from the scan.


  • Click on the new button.


  • Choose the mapped drive UNC path which is used to browse the company file.

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