QuickBooks Error Quick Troubleshoot

( Solution for Errors- Crash:Com, -6189, 816 )

QuickBooks Crash:Com Error


This error can be encountered while trying to Open or mail the invoices and other similar transactions including  reports.


This error leads to crashing of QuickBooks Application while you were using it which makes it a critical error and can affect your daily work in QuickBooks.

Here in this part of article you will be explained each and every step to fix this particular help. If you are unable to follow error troubleshoots mentioned in this article then you must contact QuickBooks Technical Support to get consulted for free.


Important- Here is an important notice by Microsoft  “ After updating Microsoft Outlook to Monthly Channel v1805 Com error can be encountered in QuickBooks Read article by Microsoft For More- Microsoft Article 


Now let’s move forward to Quick Troubleshooting steps without wasting much of your time-


Solution 1- Making sure that you are using the latest version of Microsoft Outlook


  • First you need to open outlook and Click on File Menu.
  • From the file Menu select Office Accounts.
  • Click on Update Options and proceed by clicking Update Now.
  • After the Outlook gets updated  you shall try to use QuickBooks to confirm you no longer get the critical Crash:Com Error.


Solution 2- Setting up Outlook as by default Mailing Application.


  • For this process you should open windows control panel and then go to default programs to choose the option of Set your default programs.
  • Now you will see a list of programs to select MS Outlook, now you need to  select the option of Set this programs as default.
  • Click ok.


Solution 3- Now you would be needed to Add a new account to Microsoft Outlook.


  • Select the file menu option from MS Outlook.
  • .Now to set yourself up select Add Account option.
  • Now type in the email address that you prefer to add and click on Connect.
  • Now it will ask for your email password for authentication which you need to do.click on
  • Click ok again to complete.


Solution 4: Toggling your email account settings.


  • Open windows controll panel and then select the option of mails.select microsoft outlook.
  • Now in the mail setup window select show profile.
  • If the option that is already selected is- Always use this profile then change that to- Prompt for a profile to be used. And the continue by clicking apply.
  • Click ok.


Solution 5:Creating a new profile For Microsoft Outlook.


  • First of all close microsoft outlook.
  • Now open windows controll panel and select the option of mail.
  • In the window available for the mail setup select option of Show profile and then continue by clicking ADD.
  • Now here type the name for the particular account under profile name. Continue with ok.
  • Now type in the email account that you want to use and follow the directions given.
  • Now under the option  Always Use this profile select the profile you created and click apply followed by ok.

If the error is not fixed you must contact QuickBooks Technical support to get free consultation and error fixed for you.


QuickBooks Error -6189, 816 

(While trying to open the company file)


This error is usually encountered while opening your QuickBooks Company file.


The error message that is usually received by the victim of error- An error occurs when QuickBooks tried to access the company file (-6189, -816).


Now before we proceed you must be aware of that if you are using QuickBooks In Multi-User mode then you must make sure that-


  • Storage location of data file should not be in a Network Device.


Before proceeding make a check on that company file is not stored in an NAD Device ( Network Attached Storage ) or any removable flash or hard disk.These storage types do not have sufficient permission to give access of QuickBooks Data file. These Storage types could be a possible reason for Damage in QuickBooks data file.



  • Any file sharing service is not being used to store and open Company File.


There are various file sharing services available in the market like Dropbox, Sugarsync, Box.net and much more. These shall never be used to open any company file in the QuickBooks.Some outer source utilities that you might be using to create backups  is causing trouble to the file. Copying the company file from these type of storages and moving then to Drive C//: could surely help you to resolve the problem.

Recommended options for services-

Intuit Data Protect (IDP) for creating backup and securing company file.

QuickBooks Online



  • Make sure that no encryption process is on the run.


Using any kind of encryption software is prohibited for using along with QuickBooks as mostly of them have an effect On QuickBooks which Inuit is not responsible for its always better to use correct tools with QuickBooks.


Now let’s move to the easy solutions-


Solution 1- Fixing Problem by restarting servers and your computer.


  • To resolve the problem try to restart your computer powering QuickBooks.
  • In Case the data is being used via servers you must restart the server as well.
  • Now try to open the company file again.


Solutions 2- Install the Software named as QuickBooks Database Manage on your regular servers.


In case QuickBooks Database Manager is not being used  then simply download and run the software which will restart the servers and possibly fix the error.

Note- Installation process of QuickBooks Database manager does not require any special licensing.


These were some easy troubleshoots that are recommended to fix these two errors, If followed correctly this could fix the file If not The take free consultation For QuickBooks Technical Support.We have specially trained ProAdvisors and team of of elite technicians working 24×7 to resolve your problems and improving our software.


QuickBooks Error Support Numbers is a free service available for QuickBooks support plan which will help you in Fixing the errors as well as giving free consultations any outer party working of your file is not responsibility of QuickBooks always Call us to be safe and secure.


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