QuickBooks File Doctor: Repair Damaged Company File

Intuit has introduced QuickBooks File Doctor (QBFD) in 2012, initially the Program was unable to solve certain problems which it was intended to solve, before QBFD two different programs were available to solve two different issues, which were QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool (QCFD) and Quickbooks Network Connectivity Diagnostic Tool (QNCD), in 2012 the Intuit had incorporated both of these tools in one program which is Quickbooks File Doctor (QBFD).QuickBooks File Doctor is built-in in QuickBooks 2014 R5 and later. But internal Quickbooks File Doctor is only equipped with solving data regarding problems, meanwhile if you are facing problems in accessing your Quickbooks company file mostly in a multi-user environment and you are getting the error series of H202 (Network errors) the internal doctor could not help you, you must find the doctor outside the premises. But if your problem is company file related and it seems that your file is highly damaged or you are facing error series of 6000 most certainly these errors (6000 -82, 6150, 6000 -305, 6000 -301, 6147, 6130) than you can use built-in Quickbooks File Doctor but keep in mind that it is only available on releases after and in 2014 R5.

It is highly recommended that you should use the external version of QuickBooks File Doctor, if it is not making problem with your releases but if it wanted you to update your QuickBooks on Current release than I must say it is the time to update the Quickbooks but it would be rare.

One of the Limitations in the QBFD is worth mentioning in the start because it can change the way you must adopt to get over with these problems, it says that QBFD will not support the Company files which have volume more than 2 GB so I must mention here if your company file “is or” larger than 2GB than you must find another way, which is “Intuit Data services (will discuss this later in this article).

As I told that initially QuickBooks File Doctor was unable to solve certain problems and businesses continued to use previous 2 tools but with the passage of time QuickBooks had solved all the Problems that were found in QBFD and now today it is the only tool available exclusively by Quickbooks to solve the problems regarding:

  • QuickBooks Company File (.qbw and .qba only)
  • Accessing the File Problems. (Networking issues mostly in multi-user environment)
  • .QBW and .QBA are the QuickBooks files extensions which means QBFD will only repair QuickBooks Files if they are Original Company Files stored in your PC (.QBW) OR if they are your Accountant’s copy (.QBA).

What is Intuit Data Services?

There could be two possibilities, Either your company file is larger than 2GB or QBFD is unable to fix the problem and you still facing the problem regarding your company files opening or access from workstation or server.

Apparently the Intuit Data Services is the service provided by Intuit under Intuit Customer Care policy, and there are several plans (fees may apply) you can adopt according to your product you are using. But this is not a good move as it may cause fee and also you have to spend few to several days without your company file.

For that you should go straight to QuickBooks Technical Support and ask for Intuit Data services the agent will help you in the process.

First of all he/she must tell you whether your company file is needed to be reviewed by Intuit data services or not after that if your Company file needs to be repair than he/she will help you to upload file into the Intuit data services,

Before knowing more about QBFD and before knowing How to use Let’s Install it first.

QuickBooks File Doctor Installation Process:

Go to QuickBooks File Doctor Base Article.

Download QuickBooks Company File Repair Tool

You will find a blue button by which you can download the QuickBooks File Doctor (QBFD) setup file in your system,

  1. Run the QBFD.exe file.
  2. Program Installer will start.
  3. It is necessary to have .Net Framework in your PC but don’t worry if you don’t have it QBFD setup will automatically install .Net Framework required version.
  4. It is a simple installation process like other programs you install in windows.

How to use QBFD: (Company File (Data Related) Issues):

We will look into Network related problem diagnosis later in this article.

Double Click on the QuickBooks File Doctor placed on desktop to begin the process, it isn’t necessary that QuickBooks is installed in the system.

After you start the program following steps will come in front of you in the form a dialog box.

1. Firstly you have to browse the company file you want to repair in your PC. After the program read your file Click on “Diagnose File”.

2. Then it will ask Username and Password, Please give the Username and Password of the company file you want the doctor to operate.

3. Then QuickBooks will start the Diagnosis process and you have to wait for few to several minutes.

4. In the end QBFD will ask you about how you access your Company File, (it is highly recommended that you use the QBFD in Server mode.)

  • Server (QuickBooks file is physically stored in the system)
  • Workstation, (QuickBooks file is not physically stored in the system and you access the file through network in a multi-user environment)

5. After this step QBFD will see is your Windows Hosting is on or off, meanwhile do your windows share data with applications like QBFD? OR not.

Results of the Process:

There could be three possibilities,

  1. QBFD didn’t find a Problem
  2. QBFD did find a Problem and able to fix it.
  3. QBFD did find a problem and certainly didn’t able to fix it.

1. QBFD didn’t find a Problem:

If QBFD didn’t find a Problem than you must logged in back into your Company File, and if you are still not able to open the QuickBooks Company file than it is highly recommended by the QuickBooks to start the Auto Data Recovery Setup (see Auto Data Recover Setup later in this article) and enter the transactions since your last backup.

2. QBFD did find a problem and able to fix it:

It is good than just click to solve the problem and click “Open New Company” File on the completion of process.

3. QBFD did find a Problem and certainly not able to fix it:

In this situation QuickBooks firstly recommend you start the Auto Data Recovery Setup (see Auto Data Recover Setup in another article) and enter the transactions manually since the last backup OR Upload Your File to Intuit Data Services.

Advanced Option:

There are also some options that can be used if the problems are not resolved by QuickBooks File Doctor but Intuit recommended that it must be used with the help of a QuickBooks Technical Support Expert or QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Under the Advance Settings you will find that first option is marked by default which will start both the diagnosis at once that’s why QBFD start both diagnostics (Data related and Network related) at once when it is started, the Option two is just for Network issues.

Last two options can be used if the QBFD is not helping you out in the normal process of repair,

In the image below you can see there are three different options,

  1. Force fix 6130 error.
  2. Force fix Data Sync error

I think here is the time I will tell you about the Error series, 6xxx.

Whenever you face the error related to 6xxx series than I must say that your Company File is highly damages due to any reason or your Antivirus has eaten some of your QuickBooks extension files as these files are most likely to be eaten by your Antivirus. So if you are facing an error from 6xxx series or more than one error and your Doctor haven’t diagnose the disease then you need to visit someone who is specialist in the field I am not saying to seek a technical advisor I am saying that these Advance Options will serve as specialist Doctor for different diseases, Just mark “force fix 6130 error” option and start the Normal process of Quickbooks File Doctor again.

Data Sync-errors:

Data Sync errors means there is a problem and due to some reason you are not seeing your full data meanwhile your transactions are lost which were previously present in QuickBooks and or Vendor, Item or Customer lists show less items than it was before so the type of errors you are facing are Data-sync errors, these errors occurs when “QuickBooks Sync Manager” is not syncing your company file data with “Intuit Cloud” and that’s why you’re facing data loss.

For such correction similarly choose the Advance Options and Mark “Force fix Data-Sync error”. Click back and start the normal process with the QuickBooks File Doctor.

Network Diagnosis:

First thing that you must be logged in as Administrator in Windows and Windows User Account control (UAC) must be turned off.

If you logged in with all administrative privileges into the windows than QBFD will turn off the UAC by itself.

You must be looking into these steps if QBFD is giving you errors like UAC is turned on, Search “User Account Control Settings” in search bar of the start menu and Open “User Account Control Settings”. You will see this:

After using QBFD please make your UAC on previous position.

For Network related issues there are some limitations which are worth mentioning here, According to QuickBooks File Doctor base article the QBFD is unable to Diagnose the problem if there are multiple QuickBooks Versions installed in to the System, so it is the biggest limitation that user of Quickbooks faces when he is using multiple version in that case you must take your file to another system where there is only one Quickbooks Version is installed otherwise the doctor will become sick itself as disease seems to be viral in nature. This issue is the biggest issue which is still present in Quickbooks File Doctor and is the biggest barrier for a lot of entrepreneurs to use Quickbooks File Doctor.

besides this if we go few year back we will see that QuickBooks Network Connectivity Diagnostic Tool (NCDT) was able to fix the issues that the new doctor (QBFD) is unable to fix as it works whether there are multiple versions in the system are installed or not. This is the biggest flaw of QBFD and most of the community using QuickBooks is suffered from it. After this situation as previous tools are not available in the market right now and are not compatible with new versions of the QuickBooks so there is only one possibility that business facing problem should upload the file to “Intuit Data services”. There are other tools and techniques also you can find in our blog.

Ah! It is not the all, besides its limitations the QuickBooks File Doctor is the real doctor and fixes many problem that user face in using QuickBooks,

Once you launch the program the Network Diagnosis is started by default you can change the default settings and can stop the Data issues diagnosis if you want the QBFD to resolve only networking issues. When you launch the application you will see the advance settings in the first window.

You will find that the first option is marked by default when you see in the Advance Options so, whether you see Advance Settings or not QBFD will start the both of diagnosis process, Data Issues and Network Connectivity diagnosis at the same time, and if your problem is only Network related OR you are only receiving Network related errors than you must try the second option as it is exclusively for Network Connectivity issues, you also see that in second option the computer must be the Host in multi-user environment meanwhile the QuickBooks File must be physically stored into the PC.

After Diagnosis process QBFD will have same three type of results for that you should go above into this article and look into different type of Results QBFD will show you after the diagnosis, if your problem persists even after using QBFD than you must try Auto Data Recovery Setup which I have discussed in my other article.


    1. Now it’s the Time to discuss the limitations of the QuickBooks File Doctor.
    2. Your QuickBooks Company File shouldn’t be larger than 2 GB. (discussed earlier)
    3. You mustn’t have multiple versions of QuickBooks installed in your PC (for network issues) (discussed earlier).
    4. QBFD will only repair the files with extensions (.QBW and .QBA), (.QBW is your QuickBooks Company File placed in the folder where Quickbooks Setup files are placed, AND .QBA is the QuickBooks Company File Accountant’s Copy). Other extensions like .QBB (Quickbooks Backup File) are not compatible with QBFD.
    5. QuickBooks File doctor is available for UK, USA and CA versions only, if your QuickBooks is not from any of them than you must go to Quickbooks Technical Support and ask them if there is any other tool or Quickbooks File Doctor is Compatible with your Company file or not.
    6. Use QBFD only when you are unable to open the company file, if your QuickBooks Company File is open and you are facing problem like “Data Loss” than QBFD is not a good option. You must try other tricks or Tools for that.
    7. You must be connected to internet to upload the File for manual repair to (Intuit Data Services).
    8. It is highly recommended (and necessary for Network Diagnosis) that QuickBooks File is physically stored in the PC.

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