QuickBooks Integration with Office 365

MS Office is what we know from the beginning of the time, I mean to say that we use MS Office at the very first day of our job and most in cases HR manager also test our MS Office skills first like for an Accountant skills for MS Excel and some other applications are a must to join in most of the job descriptions, In this very article I am going to show you for what and how you can integrate your office 365 with Quickbooks, a PC without MS Office is just a brain without its cerebrum,

To Integrate your Quickbooks with your Office 365 there is not a hand and fast rule and you don’t need to study rocket science there is a built in option to use MS Office in Quickbooks as it necessary I am going to give you an example so things can be clear on how to use these both applications without a headache,

Suppose you want to write a letter to one of your Customer about his Check which is Bounced,

Simply go to Company MenuPrepare Letters with EnvelopesCustomize Letter Templates

This will lead you that window,

After that you will have to create a template of writing a letter in the situation when the Check of one of your customer is “Bounced”,

Choose Create a New Letter Template from Scratch.

In the Next window you have to choose the type of letter you wanted to make or send to any of the party involved link in this situation type of letter is (1- In this situation Party is a Customer and the Letter Template Name is Check Payment Issues),

Button, Use Template.

Whatever you saved in the Word file opened in (Compatibility Mode), it will saved as your Letter template and you don’t have to write the whole letter again for the same issue and just need to change the name and the other signing details if necessary,

Account, When you Click the button “Use Template” it will open this window and you have to choose the customer or customers to whom you wanted to send that letter,

The next window will ask about signing off details,

After the whole process your letter looks like this,

a lot of details are not present in the Quickbooks Company file when you try out this at your end there will not a **MISSING** field if you have supplied your Quickbooks with complete information regarding company, customers and employees,

The above mentioned steps show you a one place where the Quickbooks is integrated with your Office 365 there are a lot of others I will show and will tell you some uses of them, there is no need for Applications or any processes Quickbooks integrates itself with MS Office or Office 365 once you download any “Exportany file, report or any other data in Excel or Word format files,

For instance look into this and you will find an Excel everywhere there is a possibility of exporting or importing data,

After Clicking on Export button you will see that Quickbooks Imports all of the “items related” information in a MS Excel file,

Same like this you can Export your any report from Quickbooks to MS Excel and there is always an option for that,

But one thing which is worth mentioning here is that you must look into your MS Excel there is an additional Menu with the name “Quickbooks” after your integration with program takes place,

This feature is one thing that is quite important in the integration of these two application packages because it will allows you to export all of your Quickbooks company file data at once so you can easily manipulate it accordingly and can use it for your own good and make different type of analysis out of it, when you are having this button into your MS Excel it means that Quickbooks is fully integrated with your Office 365 and when you Click on this button (Update Report) it will update the Report even the Quickbooks is not Open, it only updates Reports like P&L and Balance Sheet and some other reports.


MS Office or Office 365 is an application package which is installed in the very beginning of the life of a Computer if you have bought a new PC you will install MS Office in it at the very first time and after that you will try other things the reason for saying all that is MS Office is used all around the globe from a 5th grade student to a Corporate Financial Analyst, so in the business sector it is the key function that keep your data safe and allows you to manipulate it, and Quickbooks is one in which you are likely to keep your financial data so the integration of these two application packages is very necessary and it can bring your business some fruitful things and you can save your lives a piece of time by making your system automated. If still have more Questions  you can always reach QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number .

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