How to fix QuickBooks online not working

QuickBooks Online not working, don’t be panic it is a common problem that comes with the QuickBooks online users. This problem comes due to different reasons, we will discuss these reasons and follow numerous steps to fix this problem.

This problem comes if your internet connection not working so first check your internet connection that is working properly or not. It also comes due to some glitches in your browser that one you are using.

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is an accounting software provided by the Intuit company, that one uses for manage or manipulation of small and medium-sized businesses accounting and financial information.

Furthermore, QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based service given by Intuit. This allows users to manage and manipulate data with the help of any browsing software. It is used for cloud base purpose and that have lots of additional features which one now available on the QuickBooks Desktop accounting software.

The main advantages – we don’t need to update this, it is automatically updated when the new version is released. We just need to pay a monthly subscription to access the stored company accounting data on the cloud in QuickBook’s online version.

Issue of QuickBooks with Chrome

Some user says that they can not access their company data in the most popular web browser Google chrome. Lots of users are facing this problem QuickBooks online not working properly in Google chrome.

Main reasons Due to QuickBooks not working in Chrome

Lots of reasons that will come while using QuickBooks Online accounting software. The main problems are given below:-
When we open the QuickBooks Login page and after entering the credentials the Login page comes again.
Sometimes a Loading message comes and after a long time noting to be load.
Many times we got the error Server not reachable on the page.

Get rid of QuickBooks not working in Chrome

Here we will discuss three different solutions to fix QuickBooks not working in chrome. Follow all the steps one by one carefully.


Try to use incognito mode because in this mode is use safe and security purpose. When you are using incognito mode than the browsing data are not stored in your browser history. Also, you do not need to sign out in this mode because after closing the window it will sign out automatically.

Steps to open Incognito Mode in Google Chrome:

Click on start and open Google Chrome.
Click on customize and control button that is located as three-dot on the right upper corner.
Now go on the third option of the menu, the first one is a new tab, second new window and the third option is the new incognito window.


In this, you need to clean your browsing history, Cache and cookies. Some times this will prevent to work properly. So clean this data will help to work QuickBooks Online properly.

Steps to clean this data are given below

Click on start and open Google Chrome.
Click on customize and control button that is located as three-dot on the right upper corner.
Now select on the setting on the appears menu list. This is in the third position from the bottom of the menu list.
Now click on advanced.
Go to Privacy and Security.
See the last option is Clean browsing data.
Click on that and choose clear data on the small popup tab.


If the first two solutions are not working then may the problem with your’s computer Google Chrome browser. To solve the problem Quickbook online not working you need to try to use another web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge or any other web browser which you like to use.


If all the above-given solutions are not working, then you need to lastly check with the help of another system. Because sometimes the operating system file damaged and the working stop and faces this type of problem.

If your QuickBooks online not working on another system as well, in this situation must be the problem is with your QuickBooks Online account. You may need to contact QuickBooks online Support or manage your account. After that, you will able to your QuickBooks online account without error again.

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