QuickBooks Point of sale error / status code 3000

User may encounter with this error code while doing financial exchange between QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks Desktop.


Note: Before you perform any trouble shooting steps just make sure you have created backup for both the software.


User get employee hour status code: 3000 because that specific employee is inactive or track data isn’t setup in QuickBooks Desktop. To resolve this error or issue you may need to follow these steps:


First Setup track data time in QuickBooks application to do that follow these steps:


1: Inside menu option choose Employees, then select Employee center.

2: QuickBooks comes with various useful tools and one of them is activity logs which keeps track or whatever changes you are making inside application.Find employee name in question.

3: Edit employee and select the payroll information tab through which you check Box “ Use time data to create paychecks.


If employee status is inactive 


Update QuickBooks to fix this issue, Because most of the issue can be resolved by just updating application.


In this article we have explained to you one of the conditions which is caused by an employee information. But inside the second scenario you may have error status code 3000 because of customer and vendor data discrepancy to fix this follow these steps:


Inside QuickBooks Desktop application 


1: Create backup of company file before you start with troubleshooting 

2: Root cause for this issue may be customer or vendor data entered twice to rectify this go to customer/vendor menu and select Customer/Vendor center.

3: Search for duplicate name if yes then merge that data ,If not then follow second step


Inside QuickBooks Point of sale


1: Go to Customers/Purchasing menu from here click and select customer/vendor list. In the search box enter the name has an error to check duplicate data .

2: Once you find the duplicate information merge them in single entry so that transaction would also be merged .

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