QuickBooks TLS 1.2 Warning (Solved)

QuickBooks persistently receives TLS 1.2 failure errors or warning messages on Windows 10. TLS related issues are mostly seen where the windows is updated or upgraded from an older version, some of the issues that client reported that they can access QuickBooks but when the run QuickBooks as an Administrator Strange!

There are several solutions provided in different forums and communities most of them were quite helpful but some of them were not helpful at all.

This version of QuickBooks requires TLS 1.2 for secure communication.

Before we deep dive into the ocean of solution I would like to introduce TLS itself, I don’t want to be nerd here though I like The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) very much but I just wanted you to educate a bit What TLS is and where it came from. TLS is also called Transfer Layer Security Protocol and 1.2 is its latest version so basically it’s an internet protocol that provides users of an application security when the application interacts with internet that’s why it is so important and QuickBooks get shut down right away!! Because it cares about you!

So it is not only the problem of QuickBooks but there are some other application which are also involved in it and that other application is Inter Explorer now after telling you about Internet Explorer and explaining what the TLS is I hope you are getting from where this TLS come, however moving on if you are a QuickBooks Online user than this TLS is not your problem unless you are using Inter Explorer and if you are using Internet Explorer I would recommend you to move to Google Chrome as Chrome is the recommended browser for QuickBooks Online. Now the other thing we are going to talk about is QuickBooks desktop because out of 100, 99 times this problem is faced by QuickBooks desktop users, As you may or may not know that QuickBooks desktop has built in Inter Explorer in it and whenever you see that there is a webpage running inside your QuickBooks desktop for instance while you are signing into your bank accounts for your bank direct feed or while you are converting from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks Online that webpage is running in Internet Explorer so it means even you are not using Internet Explorer for your internet surfing QuickBooks does.

So here it is seen that the problem is arising because your Windows is updated from an older version to a newer but the QuickBooks is not updated before we move into solutions I would like to emphasise on making periodic backups.


It is recommended that you must make periodic backups of your QuickBooks company file so that you won’t deprive of your financial information any time.

Solutions and More:

The very first solution I would suggest is to update your QuickBooks to a newer version this is because out of 10, 8 times we have solved this errors by just updating QuickBooks to a newer version and by the theory I just wrote above it is concluded that this problem is occurring because the windows is updated but your QuickBooks is not updated.

After applying the first solution which could be only solution available for this error I would say that you ask for support if this problem is persistent and you cannot solve it.

IF QuickBooks is updated and you still facing this error:

You will think that it is QuickBooks problem that it is not working because of TLS 1.2 is not updated however it is not QuickBooks problem I would say that you just need to update QuickBooks as Intuit is responsible if the QuickBooks is updated to its latest release and if you are using a very old version of QuickBooks and your windows is up to date than it is your mistake as well, however this will be in question if you’re facing this problem in latest QuickBooks version than I might say that it is somehow QuickBooks own problem which by the way you will solve by enabling the TLS 1.2 protocol manually or configuring it by the following way.

Please look at .Net Framework version you can find complete information on updating and enabling the TLS 1.2 in Windows for all of your components and yes off course QuickBooks by the methods describe by Microsoft in this article, [https://bit.ly/2Anj81X]. If you still have questions and facing this problem than just ask for support.