QuickBooks and VPN: is there a Relation?

While talking about VPN it is a great network that integrates the office environment very much as the businesses are becoming complex, they are growing on daily basis changing their capital structure within days because of the availability of internet and technology so the need of integration between diversified portfolios is also on the plat and now is the great need for all businesses, businesses always seek to automate some of its function or if not fully automated wanted to integrate all of the functions so the management don’t need to make a large paper trails to support only one thing, paper trails are the best idea for some of the businesses like carts, handyman businesses or some of the other businesses where the amount of the data is not that much where a person can remember what happened that day of the month but it will grow trickier when the amount of give n take increases and become complex when it reaches up to certain level, talking about VPN is named as Virtual Private Network it is a one type of network protocol which can be used to transfer files or information actually or the complete UI (user interface) of a software like QuickBooks and many others, so when you are using QuickBooks Desktop it means you need some network to share your UI with those who are not available within the geographical boundaries of the office premises.

Besides all of that there is a need to learn which Networks QuickBooks recommend and which QuickBooks do not recommend.

Recommended Networks

LAN (Local Area Network):

At least 40 mbps bandwidth speed with authorization set for domains and workgroups.

Terminal Services:

Terminal services or Windows Remote Desktop Services where one computer holds the copy of QuickBooks and is regarded as server and others within the same boundary are regarded as clients.

Cloud Hosting:

This is the mostly used service these days as it is the days of wireless technology and cloud hosting provides you with that feature, find more information about cloud hosting here [give here the like of “Quick Cloud Article”]
Out of all recommended networks Cloud Hosting is one which is now used very much and is the great available solution for the small and medium enterprises using QuickBooks Desktop, while terminal services is very common technique used earlier and now it is somehow less populous because of the cloud hosting but yet it is very much less tedious than any other.

Not Recommended Networks

While you saw that VPN is not on the list of recommended networks than it must be in not recommended ones.

Remote Area Network:

Giving remote access to someone using network modems OR digital network connections.

WAN (Wide Area Network):

It is completely prohibited to share your QuickBooks over the internet as it is the least secure option available for formal or insider information of a business.

VPN (Virtual Private Network):

While it is same as WAN but it is done through some encrypted path or tunnel in network terminology you can say that it is safer than WAN.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol):

However it is widely used in web development to share and store data for a web application but it is not likely to use it for QuickBooks files.

Network Attached Storage (NAS):

These are just the storage folders over the internet and provide basic functionality of a computer however QuickBooks needs more what they provide so highly not recommended.

All of the above are in the list of not recommended network types by intuit because in same way intuit is don’t want or not making such progress and wanted to give lesser ways so that user only those critically examination of this leads to the idea of diversification meanwhile if intuit allows all of these network mediums that there is a need to provide support for all of them which is very difficult however maybe in future intuit provide its user with some development in the networking area of QuickBooks bit yet there are some very useful solutions available.
While taking about accessing QuickBooks over the internet and not talking about QuickBooks Database Manager is not a good thing.

QuickBooks Database Manager

QuickBooks Database Manager is a built-in tool to access QuickBooks in other locations it is fantastic approach for the businesses that have less than 10 QuickBooks users and in first instance it could be the only option which must be tried as it is built-in and made exclusively by intuit for this very purpose you can find information how to deal with by the following link.


Businesses that uses VPN as there network option for the QuickBooks has reported that there QuickBooks takes 3-5 minutes after every click so this is not an option at all, as you have seen that intuit is very specific about the options provided within the walls of recommended networks so this is absolutely not good to use VPN as your network medium while using QuickBooks I know some businesses thinks because of its (VPN’s) inexpensive nature but you can try cloud hosting and my Quick Cloud is a very much good option you can find more about it by this link.

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