QuickBooks Web Connector error 1039


If you are user using QuickBooks Desktop with web connect, could come across this error 


QuickBooks web connect error 1039 unable to open QuickBooks company file


Root cause: 


May be the location of the QuickBooks company file has been changed or any third party windows based application is conflicting with web connect .


Sometimes this error code appear, If Quickbooks web connect isn’t configured in a proper way.



If their is a change in the location of the company file ,You may try to restore previous backup. This process would change your file location to default. 


QuickBooks Web connect configuration


1: Login QuickBooks as an admin user and switch to single user mode .

2: From main menu select edit ,Preferences then select Integrated App option

3: Inside Company preferences ,Third party app and select properties 

4: Allow all the applications login automatically 

Most of the times User get QBWC error 1039 when they don’t have the required permissions for the application.


Sometimes user can also make mistakes which could lead to the same error code, If application is already on Quickbooks and you are trying to add the same application again.


In that case follow these steps to get rid off this error 


1: Open and Run QuickBooks desktop

2: Once application is up and running download the CP3 tool to run and add QWC file to run.


If still having this issue please call at 1800-440-0285 For QuickBooks support.

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