Resolve unexpected results in Fixed Asset Manager (FAM) in QuickBooks

Fixed Asset Manager is a feature available in QuickBooks Premier Accountant and QuickBooks Enterprise to calculate depreciation of fixed assets as per IRS standards.

This article contents list of error user may experience while using Fixed Asset Manager in QuickBooks Desktop.


List of Fixed Asset Manager errors and unexpected results 


Fixed Asset Manager has wrong assets entered or FAM showing information from a different company file.


Root Cause: May be an issue with the QuickBooks folder location, Or where QuickBooks Company files is saved may have been deleted or change in location cause this.


Solution: Exit out of Fixed Asset Manager

Find the exact location of QuickBooks Company file by default company file location is “C:\users|public|public documents\intuit\quickbooks\company file\FAM\clients” inside this you may have multiple files located just choose file which is by “FAM” and depend upon version of QuickBooks you are using.


Just look for the most recently modified file .


You may try to change FAM file location in other subfolder 


Open the Company file in Question and open FAM as well to create new FAM client.


After completing this process change the folder location back to clients subfolder, Now you will be able to open a file in the normal way .


2: Unable to edit a FAM number to a Fixed asset Item 


Root Cause: Possible issue FAM aren’t sync with QuickBooks Desktop


Ways to synchronize FAM with QuickBooks Desktop


1:  Exit out of FAM existing file and create a new asset item 

2:  Open FAM and look for newly added asset item by going into asset tab. New added asset will be display in the asset number field.

3: After Closing FAM this process should synchronize with QuickBooks Desktop, From list menu you would have number available with the new asset.


Columns won’t appear when importing .CSV files into Fixed Asset Manager 


User unable to import data with columns in Fixed asset manager from .csv file .

This could be an issue with the video card of your computer, To troubleshoot such issue it’s always recommended to Call QuickBooks Support advisor.


Previous year assets still show in FAM


Root Cause: FAM unable to sync with QuickBooks Desktop 


1: Select asset Sync Options from QuickBooks Menu in FAM 

2:  Select Automatically When QuickBooks Fixed Asset Manager opens and Bot new and modified fixed asset items.

3: Once you are finished with the changes click Ok and reopen Fam to check FAM and QuickBooks Desktop are in sync.


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