Resolving QuickBooks Error 6177,0 : QuickBooks is Attempting to open company file

QuickBooks errors can be annoying given the importance it has gained when it comes to accounting for most of the business owners. An error can stop all your work and it can make things a lot difficult if you do not resolve it as soon as possible. This is why we have decided to cover a common error that users notice when they try to open a company file – Error 6177-0. The error occurs because the program is unable to identify the path to the location of the file on your computer in order to open the company file. There are a few solutions that can be used to resolve this problem. We have mentioned it step wise so try each solution before you proceed to the next. You will see this error when you try to open a company file in QuickBooks. Here are a few solutions listed by Intuit to solve this error:

Move the file to the local hard drive

  • Find the file on your server and then move it to your computer’s C drive.
  • Now access the file in QuickBooks desktop from the C drive location where you saved it in the first step.
  • Next, you must create a portable file and save it on your computer’s C drive
  • Close the company file that is already open on your computer
  • After this, restore the portable file which you created on your C drive and save it on the server
  • Now try to access the company file once again from the server to check if the problem has been resolved.

Update QuickBooks

Using the latest version of the program ensures that it is free of corrupt files and unwanted bugs. All known issues are also addressed through an update. To update QuickBooks, go to the Update to the Latest Release webpage of QuickBooks and ensure that your product is preselected. If not then click on change and select the QuickBooks version that you are currently using. You can then manually update it or set it up for automatic updates to ensure that you do not have to regularly check for new updates manually. QuickBooks updates are found on this webpage

Take the help of QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks file doctor can help resolve known QuickBooks errors. Download the file doctor from the internet and install it. Run the file doctor to fix the error on QuickBooks. The link to download file doctor can be found here:

Use these solutions to solve the 6177, 0 error while trying to open the company file in QuickBooks. These solutions are easy and the steps require basic technical knowledge. Using these solutions you will be able to solve the problem and get back to accounting using your QuickBooks account. Remember to follow the solutions step wise. If the error persists even after you have tried these solutions, then you can consider calling QuickBooks at 1800-440-0285 for further support.

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