Setting up the Customer Profile

Customer profile is a picture of your customer to help you make design decisions concerning your service. Each customer has a distinct goal and characteristic and profiling each one of them is giving them a photo, a name and a description.

In doing project studies, the results sometimes doesn’t quite meet customer expectations and needs. The reason for this is that most companies, they don’t consider their customer’s goals, because they have not done the right customer profiling.

QuickBooks provided us with a way to make this easier if we start with the people and things you know. This is not a difficult task, and QuickBooks could help you create an effective set of profiles.

You start by selecting Customer Type List, then click New. Choosing New Customer Type window, type in a unique customer name that could customer easy to identify. To save this information, click OK.

Once in the New Customer Type window, you may choose either Commercial or Residential. If you chose one, Click OK when finished and repeat the process, choosing the other one and then click OK once finished.

You may want to consider all the possibilities when you are creating the customer or the vendor profile Lists in QuickBooks. It will be very helpful in analyzing the needs of your customers and vendors.

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