Setting QuickBooks Preferences – 247QuickBooks

QuickBooks allows user to set their own preferences in order to make it work according to their taste and functionality.

Preferences are set in two different ways:

First is During the Advanced Setup/Easy Step Interview wherein you are the one who will actually set up all the preferences you want QuickBooks to handle for you. Most of the time, preferences done in this way are correct. The reason for this is because during the setup QuickBooks asks pertinent questions and then translates them into settings. But great check up would be needed since someone else in your office may run this set up for you.

The second one is by manually changing the preferences. You can change preferences manually by choosing Edit then Preferences command, wherein QuickBooks displays the Preferences dialog box.

Here QuickBooks categorizes the preferences. Now to set up preferences in QuickBooks, you may go to the main Menu and click Edit and then Preferences. You may choose the preference category on the list. If you are choosing to set preferences for jobs and estimates, click on Jobs and Estimates.

Go to My Preferences tab and enter the changes and settings that you please. This is notably for your own use only, and not for other users in your company. If you happen to be the Administrator of this system, you may click on the Company Preferences tab to make the changes and this will be effected on all other users. You may then click on Save, to save your changes and Close the preferences window.

Be reminded that this is only for the category you chose in the beginning and if you choose to set up another preference you may click on another preference category on the list and enter the preferences for that area in QuickBooks.

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