Setting up Employees for Payroll QuickBooks

After setting up your company information for payroll, you may start setting up your employees information for payroll. In this process QuickBooks provides us with a way to to make this easier.

To start doing this, you can add employees by choosing on the Employees Center. Start by choosing Employees then click on the the Employee Center command and then click on New Employee button, this will show you the Personal tab for the New employee. From the New Employees tab, you can enter important information on the employee. start entering the employee’s first name on the field provided, mailing address and other contact information like telephone numbers. Additional information can be entered through the additional information tab like their bank account number for direct deposits.

If any other details need to be inputted on the employees information, you may use the Custom Field option then click on the Define Field button to add more fields. To add them in the payroll so that you would know how the employees salary is calculated, use the Payroll Info tab and then the Payroll Schedule will appear. From there, set up a regular payroll schedule for your employee. Click on the Pay Frequency drop down list to determine the pay period.

If taxes are imposed on the employee, you may click on the Taxes button, use the Federal tab to know the employee’s filing status, number of allowances claimed and any other withholding taxes. Save the information.

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