Setting up the Vendor Profile – Quickbooks

Before you start doing business and receiving payments from your customers, you are also going to be doing business with vendors and you need to pay them for whatever services and products they render you.  All the information on vendors Quickbooks needed to have in its system is no different from what you set for your customers.

As mentioned in other articles in Quickbooks, this software provides you with the means for identifying different vendor types. This is important in order to classify your vendors that will be beneficial to your business. This is used is used when generating payments and purchase orders.

To do this in Quickbooks, you first need to open the Vendor Type List. Open the list and choose Customer and Vendor Profile Lists. Then, on the side menu, choose Vendor Type List, if this feature has been used before, information will be automatically populated but it will be empty if this will be used for the first time.

Then enter the Vendor Type like a name. Save the vendor type by clicking OK and then return to the Vendor Type List. You may choose to click Cancel if you don’t want to create this vendor type otherwise, click Next to set up another vendor type. You can choose to click the close button on the upper right corner of your system or you can press the ESC key to close the Vendor Type List window. Hence, this new vendor type you have created is now ready for use.

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