Three Unique Reasons Why You Need QuickBooks for Your Business

As you think about QuickBooks, both online and QuickBooks desktop versions, you’re likely wondering if it is the right fit for you and your company. Rest assured, it is, and the program doesn’t require a huge learning curve which is wonderful for business owners just getting into the swing of things. However, it’s always good to have a general idea of how to work the program before delving too deep. Fortunately, this guide is here with those needs in mind.

QuickBooks is extremely user-friendly. Accounting and tax information can get messy, unorganized and that in itself will cause a major headache. QuickBooks keeps it simple by integrating expenses and organizing them for you and can almost seamlessly work with its online twin when you can’t stay at the office. When you plan on utilizing QuickBooks online, you can export your already existing account information from your desktop application. You simply go to the Company tab, and then check and see if you have “Export Company file to QuickBooks Online” available. If not, you might have to update your software which can take a few minutes depending on the amount of information you’re exporting. Once you’ve updated, restart QuickBooks, go to the Company Tab and click on the export option again. A prompt to sign into QuickBooks online will show. If you don’t have an account, this would be an opportune time to sign up, otherwise sign in and wait for it to load your information. Wait for the confirmation and when it finishes you should receive an e-mail verifying that it transferred.

You’ll want to compare reports to ensure that all your information transferred properly, using the report selection in both your desktop application and your online application. Make sure to check all dates and it should match up. You’ll have access to do this anytime you need, and all your information on your desktop application will remain intact until you need it again.

QuickBooks works with many apps. Being able to keep up with technology is a huge advantage to the average business, and QuickBooks supports many financial apps that will help you keep track of expenses and inventory. Such apps include

1. Paypal
2. Square
3. Shopify
4. Big Commerce
5. Constant Contact

Of course, there’s still more depending on your needs, but QuickBooks works seamlessly with each one to make any project easier to manage. Each app can connect to QuickBooks after you do a few things first. First, you’ll want to sync all bank deposits with your apps to ensure that QuickBooks will record them. Secondly, make sure that you add all the sales tax agencies that your apps will use. Finally, make sure that you make another account for any fees those apps may use to charge for services rendered, that way QuickBooks can keep all of your expenses tidy. If you’re using an app that has a product list, you can import them into QuickBooks by going to your Products and Services tab and selecting the app in which you want to import from. You have the option to make any needed changes necessary before finalizing the import.

To finally connect your app, you will go to the App menu which will open up the app store. Click on the apps that you’re wanting to connect, choose to sync them. You will have to sign in to allow the apps to sync with QuickBooks, choose the account that your apps deposit money from sales, then choose the account used for fees charged by those apps, and finally choose the payment method you use when recording the sale before saving changes.

QuickBooks Mobile keeps business expenses and tax times simple. In this day in age, your phone is the most useful item that you carry with you. QuickBooks utilizes this well by making business expenses easy to manage and thus will make your life easier around tax season. Like most of QuickBooks interface, it’s completely user-friendly. All you have to do is choose the “expense” option on your phone, hit the plus button and enter the amount spent. Then choose the way you paid, the account that you used to pay, and where you purchased from. You can choose a category for your purchase, an example would be a business lunch with colleagues. The best part about all of this is that you can take a picture of the receipt. This is good news because the IRS will accept photo evidence of purchases in the event that you ever get audited.

QuickBooks, both online and offline, is a very useful program that will tend to nearly all your financial organization and makes keeping up with your accounts easier than ever. The program is easy to learn, easy to use and is easy to utilize across all platforms for all your business needs which in turn makes it an essential tool for your business.

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